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Reach Her

We exist to support and empower women from diverse backgrounds to improve their confidence, mental and physical wellbeing and help create a sense of belonging by helping them gain an entry into employment from education and training.


We aim to empower women with self-efficacy, self-compassion, and optimism that can help them cope better with challenges and emerge stronger. Self-efficacy increases confidence in their abilities, self-compassion reduces negative self-talk, and optimism helps them remain hopeful in tough times. These qualities cultivate resilience, allowing women to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease. 


 We aim to create safe learning environments for our women and to educate them with knowledge, skills, and resources to make informed decisions, identify financial opportunities, manage finances, and assert their autonomy. 


We celebrate women’s accomplishment by promoting gender equality. By recognising the accomplishments of women, it sends a message that their work is valuable and important. It helps to amplify their voices and gives visibility to their achievements. This in turn helps to motivate and inspire other women to pursue their dreams and goals, making them more likely to achieve success themselves.


We collaborate with other organisations as it allows us to pool our resources and expertise to achieve objectives that one may not be able to reach working alone. By collaborating with other organisations, we can learn from each other and share best practices. It helps us to be more successful and reach objectives more quickly.


We believe in hope in our lives because it gives us the motivation to keep going even when times are tough. It helps us to stay positive and optimistic about the future, knowing that better things are coming. We are providing these women hope through our training programs to create a brighter future for themselves

Our Story

Reach Her Inc is a not-for-profit organisation based in Perth, WA that makes employment training possible for all women. 

Our purpose is to unlock women’s potential and overcome the barriers stopping her, so she can create her own employment, gain an entry into employment, become financially resilient, stand tall and influence her family & community.

We provide a genuine alternative for women who are excluded from mainstream employment, underemployed or are in low paid, insecure jobs. 

By addressing the systemic and structural barriers women commonly face, we make self-employment and finding employment a viable option.

Our Programs

At Reach Her Inc, we offer a comprehensive suite of employment training programs designed to empower women in Perth, WA, to break through the barriers holding them back.

Our initiatives focus on equipping women with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to either create their own businesses or secure stable employment.

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Are you interested in contributing and supporting our mission to empower women of diverse backgrounds in Western Australia? Find out how you can help!

Let’s work together to unlock women’s potential

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Como, Perth WA 6152

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We are privileged to have been founded on Whadjuk Noongar Land. We pay our respects to the traditional owners of this land and express our sincere gratitude for their ongoing guidance as we work in their community.

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